Next Prize Pool Will Be Holding In:

More lottery prize pools will be added soon. Prize value will be published after presales & winners will be announced across all GOGO Finance digital channels. DeFi Platform In Progress & Almost Ready.

DeFi + Lottery Ecosystem

GOGO SWAP & Staking Platform

Here's Some Of The Reasons Why Everyone Loves GOGO Finance!

The Easiest Just Got Easier

The major challenge in DeFi has always been an uncertainty on possibilities of yield. GOGO Finance solves this by providing multiple streams of yields in addition to the regular DeFi activities. The lottery channel of the ecosystem is open to all token holders & although participation is not compulsory, everyone still gets a share of the total revenue generated from the pool and other activities around the ecosystem. In addition to several other benefits, Holders also get to enjoy

  • Instant Withdrawals
  • Low Risk & High Yields
  • 100% Decentralized & Community Owned
  • Burning of Tokens To Reduce Total Supply
  • Locked Liquidity & Whale-Proof Market
  • DeFi + Lottery Rewards/Benefits In One Place
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GOGO Finance

To Be Listed On

In addition to getting listed on Coingecko, Coinpaprika amongst others, Below are some of the exchanges the GOGO Tokens will be listed on to enable trading and further secure investments of all holders

Jan. 23rd
Jan. 25th
Feb. 5th
GOGO Finance

Pre-sale Rounds & Prices

We have made participation seamless and smooth! You too can be a part of the next big DeFi + Lottery movement. Grab & Hold your GOGO now!

Round 1



Depends on ETH Prize

1 ETH = 20 GOGO Tokens

1,000 Tokens Available

Round 2



Depends on ETH Prize

1 ETH = 14 GOGO Tokens

800 Tokens Available

Uniswap Listing



Depends on ETH Prize

1 ETH = 10 GOGO Tokens

Liquidity Locked For 1yr

Exchange Listing



Depends on ETH Prize

1 ETH = 4.7 GOGO Tokens

All Unsold Tokens Burnt

How To Buy GOGO Finance Tokens

We advise that you send ETH from wallets only. Please do not send from exchanges. To grab your GOGO Tokens, all ETH are to be deposited to the wallet address below. Avoid buying from scammers and only send to the wallet address below. Please copy now to make your deposits and you can receive your GOGO Finance tokens on time

Deposit ETH Only To The Wallet Address Above