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GOGO Finance 2.0

The First Ever Robust, Community-Owned & 100% Decentralized DeFi + Give-away Ecosystem With Tokens Available On Ethereum Blockchain & Binance Smartchain Network!

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We Provide Three Things


You can stake your tokens to earn APY on DeFi yields on available pairs & pools


Put your crypto assets to work and generate the most returns possible over time


We love to reward our holders & users too. Win Giveaway rewards in ETH & Tokens!

The major challenge in DeFi has always been an uncertainty on possibilities of yield. GOGO Finance solves this by providing multiple streams of yields in addition to the regular DeFi activities. The Give-away rewards are open to all token holders & users of the GOGO Finance Ecosystem. Anybody can win!

You Also Get To Enjoy The Following Benefits:


Instant Withdrawals

You have 100% rights and access to your assets & can withdraw instantly anytime.


Community Owned

No whale manipulation or market tricks. GOGO Finance is 100% backed & owned by the community.


DeFi Rewards + Give-aways

From time to time, the ecosystem rewards token holders, loyal supporter & active traders of the token. Rewards in ETH, BNB or GOGO Tokens


Cross Platform - ERC20 & BSC

Worried about high gas fees? GOGO Finance token is available on multiple networks making easier to swap, convert, withdraw and choose!


Available On:

As part of our mission to make the GOGO token one of the most traded tokens and easily accessible token all over the world, Below are some of the corporations and agencies we have a relationship with.


All successful projects are made possible by the community & token holders!

So far from my over 5 years in crypto project management, the GOGO Finance community is one of the most loyal and strongest community I have ever worked with. They are the genuine reason this project has been successful. The team has been amaziong too and personally I would always respect the GOGO Finance Rangers! All the best guys and remember to DYOR! Cheers!

TG: @sergey_773
GOGO Project Manager (From Idea To Launch!)

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