GOGO Finance 1.0 is Finally Here!

DeFi + Lottery System
= Everybody Wins!

Enjoy High Yields & Very Minimal Risk. Lucky Winner of Lottery Pool Prize Money Could Be You or Someone Else. Grab Your Own GOGO Tokens Today & Be A Part Of The First Ever Robust, Automated & 100% Decentralized Lottery + DeFi Ecosystem Built On Ethereum Blockchain.

100% Transparent & Fair

High Yield & Returns For Everyone!

Amid the Covid-19 Crisis, The global market for online lottery estimated at $7.1 Billion in the year 2020 and is projected to reach a revised size of $11.1 Billion by 2027!

While according to an article by CoinDesk, the total value locked in DeFi sector as at Nov 2020 is about $13.6 Billion!

GOGO Finance will be bringing these two powerful sector and industries together in one place thereby creating a powerful ecosystem where you don't only earn yields from DeFi but you can also earn rewards from the lottery system too.

The GOGO Finance Token will be the official governance token & allows holders to enjoy all the benefits, rewards & yields from the ecosystem.

Get Your GOGO Tokens

To take advantage of all the available benefits & opportunities of the Gogo Finance ecosystem, First things first is to grab your own tokens. See How To Buy Here

Stake Tokens To Earn Tickets

You can stake your tokens to earn lottery tickets to participate in prize pools or stake to earn APY on DeFi yields & you can also choose to do both from the dashboard

Join Available Pools

There is an option to join available pools either lottery pools or DeFi pools or both & farming functionalities also available within the platform too.

DeFi + Lottery Benefits

One system with multiple benefits. Don't want to participate in DeFi activities? No worries, The lottery system has a reward for holders too so you still make money!

Win Rewards & Prizes

Enjoy maximum yields & best of both worlds. Earn rewards from your DeFi activities & still stand a chance to win the lottery prize value! No loss & very little risk!

Withdraw Rewards Anytime

You can withdraw your profits anytime. All you have to do is to make sure your wallets are properly connected to the GOGO Finance dashboard.

All-In-One Ecosystem

GOGO SWAP & Staking Platform

Here's Some Of The Reasons Why Everyone Loves GOGO Finance!

The Easiest Just Got Easier

The major challenge in DeFi has always been an uncertainty on possibilities of yield. GOGO Finance solves this by providing multiple streams of yields in addition to the regular DeFi activities. The lottery channel of the ecosystem is open to all token holders & although participation is not compulsory, everyone still gets a share of the total revenue generated from the pool and other activities around the ecosystem. In addition to several other benefits, Holders also get to enjoy

  • Instant Withdrawals
  • Low Risk & High Yields
  • 100% Decentralized & Community Owned
  • Burning of Tokens To Reduce Total Supply
  • Locked Liquidity & Whale-Proof Market
  • DeFi + Lottery Rewards/Benefits In One Place
Buy Your Tokens Today!
GOGO Finance

To Be Listed On

In addition to getting listed on Coingecko, Coinpaprika amongst others, Below are some of the exchanges the GOGO Tokens will be listed on to enable trading and further secure investments of all holders

Jan. 23rd
Jan. 25th
Feb. 5th

How To Buy GOGO Finance Tokens

We advise that you send ETH from wallets only. Please do not send from exchanges. To grab your GOGO Tokens, all ETH are to be deposited to the wallet address below. Avoid buying from scammers and only send to the wallet address below. Please copy now to make your deposits and you can receive your GOGO Finance tokens on time

Trade On Uniswap Trade On Hotbit
Trade On Cointiger View On Dextools
GOGO Finance


See below economic model & sustainable distribution amongst .

Funds Allocation

Token Distribution

Pre-sales Round 1
Pre-sales Round 2
First Round of Token Burn
Second Round Token Burn
Liquidity, Marketing & Partnerships
No Developer or Team Tokens
All Unsold Tokens Will Be Burnt
GOGO Finance

Project Road-map

Be a part of the journey and the success story we are creating. Together we are one big unstoppable team!

July-Sept 2020
Project Initiation & Team Set-up

Business Development, Project Planning, Blueprint & Project Survey & Market Research. Team Set-up, Consultations & Getting Started

Oct - Dec 2020
Partnerships & Getting Started

Funds Allocation, More Work On Both DeFi & Lottery Industries & Preparations For 2021 - The Year of Greater DeFi Innovation & GOGO Finance Launch

Jan - Mar 2021
Pre-Sales & Market Penetration

Project Development Begins, Social Media + Website launch, Community Development, Partnerships, GOGO Finance Token Pre-sale, Uniswap Listing, Coingecko, CMC & Exchange Listing

Apr - June 2021
More Exchange Listing & Mainnet Launch

Addition of More Trading Pairs & New Exchanges, Launch of Staking & Farming Platform & Execution of Test Lottery Pool Prize Reward To First Round of Winners & Token Holders Before Final Mainnet Launch

Jul - Sept 2021
Release of GOGO Lottery Ticket & Reward Tokens

The official reward token will be deployed and released on the Ethereum blockchain to reward all token holders and officially prepare to launch the full GOGO Finance Ecosystem for both DefI & Lottery Yields

Oct - Dec 2021
Ecosystem Expansion & Addition of More Features

Integration with other ecosystem, Development of Mobile App, GOGO Swap/Wallet amongst other expansion/growth related plans. To Be Further Updated As The Ecosystem Grows & Project Progresses

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GOGO Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you might have some questions so we have put together the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below:

Security & Risks - How Secured Is GOGO Finance?

GOGO Finance is based on the Ethereum network and 100% decentralized. It is also community governed & just like every other cryptocurrency projects, this experimental project also comes with its own unique risk and as such we advise participants to DYOR and only invest assets you can afford to loose. GOGO Finance will not be liable for any losses that may occur while using the platform. This is a beta product and use at your your own risk.

What Makes GOGO Finance Different?

It is completely different because for the first time, there will be a decentralized lottery system as a full part of DeFi where anybody can win the high value lottery prize and everybody still earn yields from all transaction fees and money made across the ecosystem. GoGo Finance strategically provides higher yields and lower risks compared to other major DeFi projects

Is Lottery Participation Compulsory?

No, participation in the lottery prize pool is not compulsory to earn but you have nothing to loose either because you can withdraw all your assets back from the pool after winners are announced. Nonetheless you still earn yields and you investments expected to grow as long as you are holding the GOGO Finance Tokens. The more lottery prize pool participants, the more rewards for everyone and the higher prize value for all lucky winners which could also be you or anybody else.

What is The Expected Prize of the GOGO Finance Token

We have followed a very basic demand and supply rule of economics that basically states that when the supply is low and the demand is high, the price is expected to shoot up and this is the one of the reasons why we have made our total supply of tokens really low and combined with a lottery protocol with very high demand - Everyone loves to win lottery prizes, they are enormous. With this combination, one can only imagine how high the value and prize of the GOGO Finance tokens can get!